Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School/Work

Its time to go back to reality.  It was a fun and restful summer but it is now over.  Well technically its been over for me 2 weeks ago, because I coach volleyball.  We have already had 2 weeks of practice and have played in a scrimmage and 2 games.  I have a good team that has tons of potential, so that's pretty exciting.  School hasn't official started yet, but being a teacher we have tons of meetings and staff development hours to complete (aka boring). 

I'm bitter sweet about coming back to school. The bitter part being I'm going to miss my 2-3 hour daily naps, and the sweet part being getting back on track with my regimen.  I gained 7 pounds over the summer.  I did workout with crossfit consistently, but I just ate unhealthy and drank too much beer.  I'm excited to get back to my 6 meals a day of healthy eating and my 5:30am workouts (ok I'm not too thrilled to be working out that early but there is NO other time to do it).  This morning I went to a crossfit workout and all I have to say is the workout was great but now I need a huge cup of coffee.  I'm also excited that I will be able to blog consistently now!!!!  I was a horrible blogger over summer but that is fixing to change!!!!


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  1. Yaaay, welcome back. Sorry you have to go back to school but really glad you had a good summer!!


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