Monday, May 9, 2011

Something Borrowed

I enjoyed the movie I thought it was good. I thought the movie stayed true to the book with some little changes. For instance, Ethan had more of a role in the movie, and another major thing was at the end. She found his coat instead of his watch, if you have read the book you know what I mean.

I thought Kate Hudson did an amazing job as playing Darcy the diva.

Ginnifer Goodwin was the perfect Rachel. Ginnifer looks great in the movie, I even thought that in some scenes she looked better than Kate Hudson.

And of course Dex what gorgeous!!!

Overall its a good movie go out and check it out!! I started reading Something Blue and so far its really good, its based on Darcy's point of view.



  1. I couldn't agree more. I thought it followed the book well. Hope they make the next one just as true to the book.

  2. Oooh thanks for giving me the review! I'm glad you liked it. The cast looks awesome. I read the books so long ago I'd have to read them again before I saw the movie to compare it.

  3. I really enjoyed the movie! I liked the cast of characters and though I normally find Kate Hudson annoying..she played the part well! I liked that it primarily stuck to the book as well!

  4. I thought the same thing about the watch/jacket scene in fact I was ready for him to take off his watch as he was wearing one in that scene!!!!!!

    I also noticed like you mentioned they basically morphed Ethan's character from the 2 girl characters that Rachel is close with in the book...

    No flight home for their pregnant friend that is in the book...Dex's parents were in the film, not the book...Rachel's relationship with her mom wasn't in the movie, like it was depicted in book.

    I loved the movie, but I always love books more!


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