Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nike App

One of the neatest things to get on the Iphone is the Nike app. I think it's like $3.99 and its totally worth it.

This little gadget has 3 types of Runs
The Basic- Run with no set time or distance
Time- Run against the clock
Distance- Run for miles or kilometers

You can also customize your run

The app also tracks your routes and maps it!!

The app also has a power song button. When you are close to finishing your run a voice comes on saying "you are almost to your destination press the power song button to give you a boost." Believe me when think you can't run anymore and you hear one of your favorite songs come on its definetly gives a burst of energy.

At the end of each workout it shows how far you ran, what your time is, and how many calories you lost.

You can tag your run
Embellish your victory by tagging your run with how you felt, the weather you
endured and the terrain you traveled. Then add a brief not for some extra detail.
You can Challenge yourself
push for your longest, farthest and fastest run yet. Anytime you're up for the
challenge, take on yesterday, last Tuesday or a personal best with the tap of a

Whether you're a runner or not this little app can help and motivate no matter what level of shape you are in. I recommend this app and use it in all my runs. If yall decided to get the app please let me know your opinions!!


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  1. 3.99 a month or total?! I would totally get this app. :D


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