Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All You Can Eat Crawfish!!!!!

This is one of my favorite times of year, the spring weather, spring clothes, and crawfish season!!!!! One of the local restaurants has all you can eat crawfish on the first Tuesday of every month for $20. As soon as I was done with work me and the hubby and some friends rushed to Crawdaddy's for some crawfish.

Here's my first plate, I didn't eat the corn, sausage, or the potatoes so I could save more room for crawfish, cause I'm getting my $20 worth of crawfish...

Clayton, Jess, and Rand ready to dig in!!!

The hubby ate that crawfish whole.....just kidding

Getting our hands dirty!!

Tray number 6 I think....

Pat about to dig in

more pics!!

After we stuffed ourselves full of crawfish we went to the marina. Jess's fiance is a captain for a boat called the Locomia.

This boat is so awesome, I had so much fun hanging out on this boat I felt like I should have been in a rap video lol....


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