Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 2 Random Facts about You

I decided to participate in Taylor's Top 2 Tuesday Random Facts about you so here goes....

1. I LOVE the 80's. I so love the 80's! I love 80's music, movies and some 80's fashion. I know the songs, movies, and especially fashion are cheesy, but I'm obssessed. One of my favorite 80's song is Your Love from the Outfield. One of my favorite movies is Flashdance

And I would so have this outfit in my closet the off the shoulder shirt with some tights

2. I've learned to play 4 insturments. Growing up I attended an elementry of Fine Arts, and thats where I learned how to play the piano and french horn. In middles school I was in band and wanted to play the saxophone. My senior year I wanted to learn how to play the gutair so I took guitar class. I have to say my favorite insturment to play is a tie between the guitar and piano.



  1. 80's = The best generation to grow up in!

    That's so cool you play those instruments! I play the Guitar! I've always wanted to play the Violin but my parent's wouldn't give me lessons because they spent all the money on my sister's piano lessons :(

    Have a great week:)

  2. I would LOVE an off the shoulder sweatshirt like that...I have been looking everywhere for one lately!

  3. Visiting from Top Two Tuesday! That is so awesome that you can plan 4 instruments. I am jealous- I have no musical talent whatsoever! :)

  4. I can play a little bit.... LITTLE LITTLE on the guitar!
    That is AWESOME you can play FOUR!
    stopping by from TOP TWO TUESDAY!
    Hope your day is lovely


  5. minus the hair...the 80s were great! Gotta love all of the cult classics!

  6. Seriously, who DOESN'T Love the 80's?! I'm pretty sure they're coming back too. I see kids at the university with the shoulder cut tops and the neon colors everywhere. I can't wait to cuff my pants again, LOLOL!!! Just kidding (maybe)

  7. I'm so jealous of your musical talent! That's super impressive. Stopping by from Top 2-- love your blog!


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