Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finding stuff on Sale!!

I have to admit I'm not a bargain shopper when it comes to shoes and clothes. I'm so tall and have big feet (6'2 and wear a size 10 in dress shoes) that if I find something that actually fits good I buy it not matter what the cost. So when I find something that fits me on sale its like winning the lottery. Dillard's is one of my favorite stores and I love when they have shoe sales. Dillard's has a winter shoe and boot sale going on right now and that's where I found these babies!!!

I so love the biker look, and more important these boots were regularly $129.99 and I bought them for $39.99!!

I wouldn't wear them with what I'm wearing in the photo, but this is what they look like on.

The only sad thing is I will have to wait till next fall/winter to wear them. Maybe it will be cold one evening and I can wear them out!!


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