Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Dinner

Today we had a low key Valentines dinner and we couldn't ask for anything more, it was a great dinner. I went to the grocery store and got a pound of colossal shrimp and a potato crusted cod.

The colossal shrimp, look how big these suckers are!!

I ate the potato crusted cod over a bed of greens and some shrimp(and I baked the cod so it was pretty healthy) and it was just delicious...

The hubby's plate, he doesn't like fish so more cod for me!!!

I also baked a red velvet cake, and I wish I could say from scratch but nope its from the box. Maybe during the summer when I have more time I will put my kitchen aid to use and make a home-made one.

I love my heart shaped baking pan!!!

I put so much icing that you can't even tell its a heart cake lol...

The hubby loves red velvet check out the huge piece he took!

This is funny

and I had to put this pic. Its of Sophie standing in her food bowl while drinking water from her water bowl.



  1. thanks for coming by littel ol blog! Let me just start off with how stinkin cute Sophie is! We dont have any pets but man she is cute! Cant wait to read some more of your blog!

  2. Awww, it looks like you had a great vday dinner and yummy cake! I love red velvet, it's soo delicious.

    The pic of Sophie standing in her food bowl while drinking water is pretty much the cutest thing I've seen all month!! She's a doll!

  3. Hey Alex . . . thanks for following my blog, LaBelladiva :) I'm following your blog as well!

    Those huge shrimp look awesome . . . making me hungry!! We are going out for our Valentine date tonight . . . now I want shrimp!!

    Have a wonderful day . . . Gina

  4. Um, Sophie is nothing but absolutely precious. Glad you had a great Vday!


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