Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shoes that I love

When it comes to shoes I am obsessed. I LOVE shoes, and yes I even love the high heel ones. I don't care that when I wear high heels I'm like 6'5 and taller than my husband, I still sport them. Right now my 2 favorite pair of shoes are these.....

Sperrys!!! This shoe is what I call casual comfy. They are so comfortable. I wear them with jeans, shorts and even some sun dresses. And since I live by the coast I might as well have a boat shoe lol...I have this exact same shoe.

Uggs!!! I love my Uggs, I call this Heaven on my feet. They have come in real handy since its been a freezing winter. My husband thinks these are the ugliest shoes ever, and not worth the money I paid for them. Oh well I LOVE them!!!



  1. Uggs are amazing! I think they are adorable and perf for winter!

    Thanks for following me girl! I love finding Texas blogs and look forward to reading your posts! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. LOL. My husband also thinks Uggs are the ugliest shoes. I think he would LOVE them, if he had a pair for guys though ;-)


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