Thursday, February 17, 2011

My sister is coming to town tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow my sister is coming to town from San Antonio for her birthday weekend. We already have our whole weekend planed out. On Friday the hubby, my sis, and my mom and dad are going to my basketball playoff game. I have to give a shot out to the Rockport-Fulton Lady Pirates!!! Good Luck tomorrow!!!! On Saturday Allison (my sister) is coming with me to crossfit. Allison loves to workout and is actually really excited about trying crossfit. In the afternoon sometime we are going to go watch Liam Neeson's new movie Unknown. I'm really excited to see this movie!!

For dinner we are going to Nikko's Steak house. I can't wait to get a nice juicy steak. Its a good thing I'm doing crossfit early that day. ;)



  1. Oh that will be so fun taking her to crossfit!!! The first time is always exciting :-) I remember the first time I brought my sister (who btw is in totallly better shape than me) thought she was going to puke. Which in a sick way was kindove fun for me because at least she knew how hard it was! Anyway, if you haven't already, check out my first giveaway ... lululemon gift card included!


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