Friday, February 11, 2011

My Crossfit workouts for this week

Monday: This workout was pretty darn hard


AMRAP in 20 min of: (As many rounds as possible) I did 11 rounds

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

Wed: I didn't go to Crossfit but I did 30 minutes on the elliptical

Thursday: This workout wasn't too bad

Tabata: “Lady Girl” (tabata means we did 20seconds as many reps as possible with 10 sec rest for 8 rounds per exercise)

8R4T of: (6 rounds for time)
Hang Snatch (75/50)
MB Cleans (20/14)

Friday: (I went at 5:30am so glad I'm exercise is done for the day!)

150 KBS for time
run 400m every time you stop swinging.

I actually did 200 Kettle ball swings because I used a 15 pound kettle ball and I ended up running 1 mile and a quarter. Here is a random pic of a person doing kettle ball swings.



  1. Hi, thanks for finding me today. I love the flowers on your blog wallpaper! So retro and groovy!

    Oh and I'm following you back!

    Happy Friday

  2. Way to go girl!! I always do CF on Fri evenings to feel better about the weekend, tonight is 3 rounds of 6 minutes. 1st round 1000m row with max pushups in time remaining then 3 min rest. 2nd round is 800m run with max pullups in time remaining then 3 min rest. 3rd round is 100 double unders with max 65lb thrusters in time remaining. Score is total reps completed. UGH!!!


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