Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meet Sophie

Her name is Sophia but we call her Sophie. Sophie is a 9 week old Maltipoo and she is just precious. We drove 2 1/2 hours yesterday to pick her up at Sugar Land, which is right outside Houston. She is a miniature Maltipoo so she will grow up to be anywhere between 4-6 pounds. She is so loving and playful, we spent all morning cuddling and taking naps. On our way to pick Sophie we stopped at our favorite convenient store Buc-ee's!!! Buc-'ees is a HUGE convenient store that sells anything and everything and has the cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen from a convenient store. I bought some homemade turkey jerkey and some candied jalapenos. These jalapenos make the best dip all you do is take about half of the jar and add some cream cheese and serve with crackers. I made this for our Halloween party and I got so many compliments on it.

I also bought Sophie her very own Buc-ee's T

Valentines Day early...

The hubby and I spent valentines day early because I don't want to fight the crowds for a table on valentines day. So Friday night we went to Kiko's which is a fabulous Mexican restuarant, and yes I did cheat on my diet. It's a special occasion plus I worked out the next morning and let me tell you the crossfit workout was one of hardest I've ever done. Anyhoo back to valentines, the hubby and I had a nice delicous dinner and he bought me a balloon and some white chocolate covered strawberries and they were so good!! I bought him a Turvis Tumber and I got one for me too!!!



  1. Sophie is too cute! What an adorable puppy!!!

  2. thanks so much she is really sweet!!


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