Monday, February 7, 2011

The last 4 Days...

Since Thursday we have been without Internet connection (which sucks). You see South Texas isn't used to freezing weather so this area went a little crazy...some places were without power (not us thank goodness) and we were without Internet. So anyhoo here is a recap of what went down....

Super Bowl Sunday

Since the Cowboys nor the Texans were playing in the Super bowl, I decided to go for the Packers. I like Aaron Rogers I think he is a really good quarterback. We had a little get-together at our house and our friends Jess and Rand came over and we had a pizza taste off. The hubby had a great idea about finding out who has the best tasting pizza. We bought one thin crust ( cause I love thin crust) and 1 hand tossed from each place.

Here is Domino's Pizza

Papa Johns

I couldn't get a picture fast enough to get the whole pizza

Pizza Hut

After a tough and tasty decision the verdict is (drum roll please)......
Domino's with 2 votes and Pizza Hut with 2 votes and zero for Papa Johns
My personal favorite is Domino's, I love their thin crust its fabulous

I can't even tell you how many pieces of pizza I ate because I lost count. Yes it was a huge cheat day but I had been working out hard so I can eat whatever on Sunday
My Crossfit workout on Saturday was brutal...

“Run Forrest”

1 mile run
2k row
1 mile run

I was the 4th one to finish in my group and my time was 32.14 minutes which was a big surprise cause I haven't actually jogged in FOR-E-VER. I'm actually in better shape than I thought I was and its all thanks to Crossfit.

That night I cooked Chili and it was really healthy!!!

I used ground turkey breast and half of the lean ground beef

and added kidney beans, chili beans, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and corn

I used the chicken chili mix all because the grocery store was out of chili mix (again us South Texans don't know how to act when it freezing outside) but I added about 3 table spoons of chili powder which made it taste like regular chili.

I then added some green onions and wonton crunchies on top for a little crunch and here is the final product..

One Wednesday night by 8th grade basketball team finished their season first place in district and undefeated!!! So today I got them a cake to celebrate!!!! Here is a picture of the 8th grade A and B team, the A team is my team.

Our varsity team who I coach the post won district too!!! And right now we are #2 in the state of Texas in 3A!!! Next week we start playoffs so Good Luck Lady Pirates!!!!

And last but not least the hubby had ACL surgery. On Thursday Dustin went under the knife to fix an old nagging injury. The hubby hurt his knee years when he was deployed in Iraq. He is a very active person so getting the surgery was just a matter of time. So just call me Nurse Alex, I've been giving the hubby TLC and pretty much being his helper since he's on crutches and can't do much.

Well that's about it, I feel that this post is going in a million directions but like I said we haven't had internet in 4 days, and believe me it was a long 4 days....



  1. I HATE running WODs ... did Murph last week and it was KILLER!!! But good for you for killing that brutal cardio WOD saturday :-) Sorry to hear about the HUBs, ACL surgeries suck. I've had two of em. NOT.FUN.

  2. Oh, I would have voted for Papa Johns's for sure. I have severe withdrawls because we don't have one in the area I live and the closest one is 30 min away. By the time you get it home it's not the piping hot goodness it needs to be.

    Congrats on your basketball team. I use to teach 8th grade math and algebra before I decided to stay at home with my little girl. 8th graders were always my favorite. It's a tough age group, you're either made to teach 8th grade or you fail miserably at it.


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