Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Allison!!

My little sister Allison turned 25 yesterday!!

We all had a fabulous time yesterday. We started off with dinner at this great steakhouse called Nikko's. I usually get the fillet mignon (rare) there but I decided to get the Ahi seared tuna (rare). I'm so glad I went with the tuna because it was so good!!

After dinner we headed to Brewsters to watch Metal Shop which is a cover 80's rock band. This band is pure fun and I love 80's music.

Here are some pics of last night!!

Getting ready to start the night

Picture of me and Sophie even tho Sophie looks drunk lol...

My mom and Allison. This was Allison's first time eating a raw oyster, and she loved them!!!

Me and the hubby, and I LOVE raw oysters!!

At the end of the night, can you tell we were having a great time...


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  1. Love your blog...very inspiring to a newbie. Thanks for stopping by my blog & following!


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