Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun Fridays

Tonight is our basketball playoff game we are in the regional tournament. There are 16 teams in the state of Texas left in girls 3A and we are one of them!! I even bought a new outfit to wear tonight see post below.

Tomorrow morning I'm waking up early to do crossfit and then probably relax and maybe clean up a little. I just plan to have a low key weekend since last weekend was a little crazy (my sis's birthday, I had way too much fun).

This morning I had an awesome workout!!

“Hang in there”

AMRAP in 20 min of: (As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes)

10 hang clean
10 box jumps
10 ring dips

box jumps

Ring dips

there was no example of hang clean, and my arms fell like jello. But I do see such a difference in my arms, they are getting definition!!! Maybe this weekend I will post a picture of me flexing my arms and post it lol....



  1. Thanks for playing; have a fab weekend! :)

  2. You are motivated girl!! Have an awesome weekend. :)

  3. Great work out! I did a similar AMRAP a bit ago with Hang Cleans, KB swings and Wall Balls. Are you doing legit ring dips? Using a band? Box dips? I find band easier than box dips especially since our gym usually makes us DOUBLE the number if we're not on rings! UGH.

  4. Thanks Jenny, I use a band, there is no way I can do a legit one. I also use a band for pullups and when we do tons of pushups, I'm pretty weak upper body lol..


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