Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend 411

This weekend we were pretty busy. Saturday night the hubby and I had date night! We started off with dinner at this Vietnamese restaurant called Hu Dats (if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan this place is owned by Dat Nguyen). I had a dish called the Bun Ga shrimp, which is a healthy vermicelli salad noodle bowl served with shredded lettuce and cucumber topped with vermicelli rice noodles, cilantro, crushed peanuts and carrots, and its absolutely delicious. Here is a picture of something similar that I found online

oh and I forgot we had spring rolls for appetizer, and these were awesome

after dinner we had time to kill before the movie started so we stopped by one of my favorite stores Academy. I have a bitter sweet relationship with Academy, I love all their workout clothes but they can be so dang expensive. This is my opinion about workout clothes...I've bought the cheaper brand of spandex/compression shorts and after a couple wears the thread was unraveling in the crotch area. The other brands such as Nike and Under Armor (my favorite) are much more expensive but I think they are worth every penny. They feel better and last longer. So this is what I ended up buying at Academy.

After Academy we went to the movies to watch Black Swan. The hubby didn't want to watch this but he picked the last two movies, True Grit and the Fighter which were both excellent movies by the way, so it was my turn to pick.

I liked the movie. It freaked me out several times but we both actually liked it. I think I liked it because when I was little I used to want to be a ballet dancer. My mom had me in ballet, jazz, and tap dance lessons but I after 6 I started growing the like Alice in wonder land when she ate the mushrooms. So I didn't really have a dancers body, and my dancing days were over. I have to say Natalie Portman did an amazing job dancing in that movie.

On Sunday I bought a book and I'm really excited to start reading it. I'm not a big reader but every now and then I'll get in reading mode.

I also bought this top for $12.50 at New York & Co. (they always have the best sales) I think with some tights and boots it will be a cute outfit.


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  1. thanks for following me! i am now following you as well :)

    i want to see black swan so badly!


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