Wednesday, January 26, 2011

7 pound loss!!!

On Jan. 10th I posted how I gained 7 pounds and I'm excited to say that I've lost those 7 pounds!!! I did it buy busting my butt in crossfit and eating healthy. This weekend was tough because the hubby cooked this awesome dish from scratch. He cooked this chicken with a crawfish and andouille cream sauce. I had a taste and it was delicious but I ended up eating 6 colossal shrimp that was bar-b-qued so it was pretty healthy and a salad. We had frineds over so the hubby's dinner did not go to waste. Here are some pics of Dustin's dinner

Here are the peppers, shrimp, crawfish, and sausage getting cooked

Getting the chicken ready

Here is the cream sauce, I just had a taste and it was so yummy but I had to say no because this baby is made with heavy cream and butter.

This chicken is stuffed with peppers and cheese on top of dirty rice

And here is the finished product which is yumminess but probably over 1000 calories so I had to stick to my guns and eat shrimp and salad which was very delish by the way. I don't have a picture cause I ate it so fast but it was very tasty.

So back to my weight loss...I've been going to crossfit 3 times a week and I even went last Saturday. I'm becoming more obsessed with it and I feel bad when I don't go. I'm not going to lie its really tough the other day we the hubby and I went to the movies and while he scarfed down nachos and candy I had a diet Dr. Pepper and beef jerky. Not my first choice but it was a healthy snack. What really helps me is that some of the crossfit workouts are so hard that I makes me want to eat healthy cause that piece of chocolate is not worth the 3k row or the 21 pullups I have to do...

Here are some pictures of me at 175 and before you say whoa 175...I'm 6'2, so I'm going to weigh a lot no mater what.



  1. congratulation on your weight goal!
    The sauce looks to share the recipe? :D

  2. Both look so yummy :) YAY for the 7lbs lost :)


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