Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Birthday dinner

Today I got together with my wonderful family for my Birthday dinner. I felt like eating a juicy steak so I picked this fabulous steak house called Nikos. I ordered a fillet Mignon rare and it was so delicious. I ruined my diet today but it was totally worth it. It was so great hanging out with my family.

Here's a pic of me Dustin and my parents who are the best ever

and here is my Aunt Lucy and Uncle Herbert

and my Aunt Yolanda and cousin Deandra

and mi abuela

It was a great birthday dinner and for dessert my mom got me an ice cream cake from Basken Robins!! Thanks Mom love you!!

I got great presents from all my family like this Mrs. Clause apron from my cousins Jocelyn and Jason

and this beautiful necklace from my Aunt Yolanda and Deandra

I also got a good amount of birthday money (thanks to my family)!!!!

It was a great belated birthday dinner I loved spending time with my family, so far 32 is not too bad. Oh and if you're wondering what is up with the Sponge Bob balloon, I have never even seen the Dustin went to the grocery store and thought it would be funny to buy me some birthday balloons and a balloon of Sponge Bob, which we all got a good laugh out of it.

I want to thank my family again for making my birthday dinner such a great evening.

Here's a pic we took before we left the restaurant.


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