Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly Update

This past week was a hectic busy week. On Monday I was exhausted all day from the Halloween party on Sat (yes I know I'm getting old). I'm not used to staying up till 3 am and partying like a rock star. Monday after work and basketball practice (I'm a coach by the way) I came home watched a little TV and went to bed at 8:30, I'm so weak lol I didn't even workout which I felt so guilty by the way, cause I ate so bad on Sat. and Sun.

Tuesday I didn't get home till 11:30 at night from work. I'm the JV volleyball coach at Rockport-Fulton high school and our team made the playoffs!!! Our first playoff game was on Tuesday at 7:30 against Sweeny. We kicked butt!!! We beat Sweeny in 3 games. Congrats to the Lady Pirates!!!!!

Wednesday was Dustin's 29th birthday. I hope he enjoys the last of his 20's hehehe. Since we were both busy from work we both decided we would celebrate his birthday on Saturday. I did give him is 1st present which was John Grisham's The Confession.

On Thursday we had our second playoff game against Orange Grove. Since its also basketball season and I'm also a basketball coach I had practice with my team and then drove to West Oso (where the playoff game was at) for the game. I have to give props to Orange Grove they were pretty darn good, they even kicked our but the first game 12-25 (and if you know volleyball that's a butt kicking), but the Lady Pirates never gave up and ended up winning the match in 5 games!!! Our next playoff game is Tuesday in Victoria against Needville. Good Luck Lady Pirates!!!

On Friday the husband and I had a little date night and went to dinner at this Mexican restaurant called Pepitos. I should have had a salad but instead I indulged in the Mexican plate, which I ended up regretting later. I've been dieting with Isogenics and have been eating extra healthy so greasy Mexican food didn't sit well with my stomach.

Saturday was my friend Ashly's baby shower. The food was great there, they had a fruit and veggie platter and chicken salad sandwiches which are my favorite. Ashley made out like a bandit she was literally opening presents for like 2 hours. She's having a girl and got some of the cutest things. Here is a pic of me, Ashley, and Jessica....

Ashley is about 8 months preggos and has only gained 20 pounds, she looks great! I hope when I'm preggos I look as good as she does.

Later that night my hubby and I met my mom dad and aunt and uncle at Water Street restaurant for Dustin's birthday dinner. This time I was good and ordered soup and salad......but it didn't help that I ate a slice of DQ's ice cream birthday cake. It was totally worth it, soooo yummy!

Sunday we slept in!! Since I ate like it was my last supper all weekend I decided I need to do some serious working out. I picked out an aerobic dvd from my Firm library of dvds, and I picked this one out

I don't know if you can see the cover but this dvd is suppose to burn 500 calories in 1 hour. And let me just say I have never done this particular video. Lets just say I got about 30 minutes into to video and had to quit. I'm so out of shape its just sad. I couldn't even finish an aerobic video.....I'm going to kick up my workouts this week and go balls to the wall lol!!!!!

We also went shopping today, I bought the hubby some new clothes cause he's lost weight too and his old clothes don't fit him anymore, and this is also part of Dustin's birthday present. Here is a pic of the hubby and his new clothes looking all GQ

Well that was an update of this past week I was such a busy bee and there is no slowing down this coming up week. Stay tuned for next weeks updates!!!


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