Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving day

The hubby and I spent Thanksgiving day with my family in Corpus Christi. My sister came down from San Antonio and my cousin and her husband came down from Dallas. It was a wonderful day, pretty much I ate, watched football (the Dallas game sucked) and took naps. This year I was in charge of the sweets so this is what I baked!!
These are my ingredients for my pecan pie, I fogot to get the finished product but it came out delish!!

This is Paula Dean's Ooey Gooey Pumpkin butter cake and it is fabulous

And last but not least for the sweets I made snicker doodle and white chocolate cookies

I also made an appetizer my famous deviled eggs

This year Dustin helped with the cooking. He fried his very first turkey. I have never ever had fried turkey so I convinced him to fry one this year, and let me just say its the best turkey I have ever had. He marinated it and injected it with greatness the night before. From now on we are having fried turkey!! Here are some pics of Dustin cooking his first turkey and my dad helping.

That is 12 pounds of yumminess....

Here's a picture of Dustin and I before dinner and you don't want to see the after meal pic lol...

I had a wonderful day of being with family eating like it was my last supper and watching football even tho my teams lost...

The day after Thanksgiving I slept in and relaxed, (no black Friday for me) then finally got some Starbucks and headed to the mall once the crowd died. Stores still had really good sales.

I bought the hubby's Christmas present which he is going to absolutely love and the best thing he has no idea what it is...

I bought some Jessica Simpson boots (I've never bought any of her shoes cause the heels are way too high for my 6'2 ass but these are too cute and the heels not so high). I wore them last night with some leggings and they are very comfortable and hot.

I was in search of like a faux leather ( I'm too cheap to by a $500 for a real leather jacket) biker jacket. I finally found one at Macy's and it was only $39.99!! This is not the actual jacket but it looks similar to this jacket I couldn't find a pic of the actual jacket.


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  1. I have been dying to try friend turkey!!! one day- one day!

    stopping by from the Blog Frog!



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