Monday, November 29, 2010


Have yall heard of Crossfit?? What is CrossFit?

"CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program like no other. We row, we run, we do pushups, pull-ups, we weight-lift, we do gymnastics all in scalable ways for any age and any fitness level. This is all done in a supportive group environment where results are endless. If you want a fitness program that challenges you, gets you in the best shape of your life and doesn't take hours... CrossFit is for you."

There is a local gym nearby that offers crossfit and I'm going to sign up for it on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm a little nervous cause it's hard core training and I pretty much haven't been worked out that hard since my college basketball days many moons ago. I'm also a little nervous because the only time I can go for a workout is at 5:30am. I'm coaching basketball right now and I don't even get home till 6:30pm and the last session is at 5:15pm, so 5:30am it is (I'm NOT a morning person). But something has to give, I want to be in the best shape and Crossfit will get me there. I workout on my own but I never push myself, and lately I've been lazy and haven't really workout at all. So I'm going to tell myself no more excuses, its going to be hard but the way I'm going to get the results I want is ONLY by hard work in the gym. I'm going to blog every about my Crossfit experience every step of the way. Wish me luck!!!


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