Monday, October 4, 2010


Overpriced or delicious and worth every penny??

I am a fan of Chick-fil-a. I love their diet lemonade, their grilled chicken sandwich, and their wonderful waffle fries (even tho I try and stay away from them cause I'm watching what I eat). Every time I pass the Chick-fil-a in town it is always packed, and the drivehru is a mile long. I have to say its one of the cleanest fast food restaurants I've been to. Some people think its overpriced and not very good. I know its a little pricey for fast food but I think its worth every penny. Chicken breast is expensive, and that's what they use in their sandwiches. The other day I was at the mall and I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich only and a diet lemonade. Well, when I got to my table and opened my bag I noticed that the guy had given me a large order of waffle fries. Since I'm watching what I eat (since I've gained 10 pounds since the summer) it took all the will power I had not to eat those waffle fries. Anyway, I love Chick-fil-a! Its worth every penny in my book.



  1. Hello Alex, Love your name by the way! :-) Following you from blog frog now! We don't have Chick-fil-a in my area...but it sounds really good! I have heard of them before...need to try it some day!!! :-) Nice to meet you!!


  2. I already like you, I am currently addicted to Chick fil a . :)


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