Thursday, September 30, 2010

One of my favorite movies

I'm sitting here at home on a Thursday night waiting for my fav shows to come on (The Office and Project Runway), and guess what they are showing??? The are showing The Three Amigos!!! I love the Three Amigos, I can quote soooo many lines from that movie.
"We don't have beer just Tequila"
"Whats Tequila?"
"Uh, its like beer"

This movie is such a classic so many funny lines. I never get tired of seeing this movie and I laugh like its the first time I've seen it, I know I'm a dork.



  1. OMG! My co-workers and I are actually going to be the Three Amigos for Halloween here at the office! Can't wait to show you pictures! :) Hope all is well! Love you!

  2. Hi Alex!
    I'm a new follower......I'm coming from blogfrog!
    Cute your attitude/personality!


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