Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day 2010

I had a fabulas time on Labor day weekend. I was able to celebrate with friends and family. I had a little too much on Saturday night, here are some pics of that night!!

It was so much fun hanging out with my sister and my best friend Pat. On Sunday I went to my parents house and we had a huge bar-b-que that was so delish. That night my husband Dustin and my sis Allison and I went to go see the movie Machete. It was a pretty corny movie in my opinion.



  1. Hello Portland, from Corpus Christi! Never seen you before in SIFs community...always try & look at new people's blogs...anyway, thought it was cool to see someone else from South Texas! Welcome!

  2. add also, forget the J, I'm 0007...


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