Friday, June 18, 2010

My Art Project

So what got me involed with arts and crafts?? Well first, I've been extremely bored all week, and second I got the idea of the project looking at another blog. There is this neat art called Subway sign Art, heres an example

Well I think it looks so cool, so I was on this blog that gives directions on how to make these signs...So I got motivated to make one of my own. I went to Michaels and bought all the supplies, and then went home to get started!!

First I spray painted my canvases, then nextime I do this I might use different paint but for my first project it worked pretty good.

Then I made font on word and went to Kinkos and printed it out, then I cut the words out

After that I arranged the words like I wanted and then put mod podge on it. Since this is my first 2 they are not perfect like I would like but it gives me a great idea of how to perfect my next one. I want to make a good one and frame it and hang it on one of our walls. Well here is my finished products I did 2, just keep in mind this is my first time really doing anything involving arts and crafts....


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