Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Letters to Myself

I saw this on Katie's blog and decided to join in.
You are supposed to write letters to your former self.
So here is a trip down memory lane!!!

Dear 8 year old Alex

You're so much taller than any girl and boy in your class,
actually the whole grade level. It's hard being different,
you have a different desk than the other kids. You will
get teased by other students, but stay strong later on in
life you will embrace your height and it will come in handy.

Dear 12 year old Alex

You're now in the 7th grade and you realize that
your height is an advantage because you love basketball.
All the teasing stops, you are still taller than all the
boys but don't worry one day the tall boys will catch up ;)
Your first big crush happens this year. You and this boy
become good friends but he never sees you as anything

Dear 14 year old Alex

You are now a freshman in high school, and finally
you are not the tallest person in school anymore.
As much as you love basketball it stresses you out
this year. You want so bad to make the varsity team
and will work your hardest. Several teammates will hate
you for that, you will realize girls who you think are
friends will talk about you. Be yourself and keep
working hard!

Dear 16 year old Alex

Liscens time!!! You have lots of friends but they
are mostly guy friends. By this time you have had
several crushes but they guys you like don't like
you. Being 6'2 will intimate the boys, but thats
their loss you are a beautiful girl there is nothing
wrong with you. Basketball
will go great for 2 years in a row you are the
district leading scorer and at this time you are
receving tons of letters from colleges around
the nation!!

Dear 18 year old Alex

This year is bitter sweet. You break your ankle
the first game of the season, you are devestated
because you are now not sure if you will be able
to receive a divison 1 scholarship. All the college
letters stop coming but keep faith you go on to
sign a full scholarship to Southern Miss. This is also
the age where you finally get your first kiss.

Dear 18-21 year old Alex

This is when you realized basketball is not so
much fun anymore and its more of a job. You will
push your body father than it has ever been pushed.
You think about quiting basketball several times
but you are not a quiter. You get your first
boyfriend when you are 21. It only last for 3 months
but you have lots of fun times, Hunter is the first
and last short guy you will ever date.

Dear 23-26 year old Alex

Assholes!!! You date tons of them. You start to
think that you're and asshole magnet but each
experience helps you find the right one (which will
come soon), because
you learn from each guy and you never settle. You are
a strong independent woman you have your career, your
own apartment, you own a new car, and you embrace
the fact that everything you own is because of hard
work not because its been giving to you.

Dear 27 year old Alex

This is the age where you meet your future
husband. He's younger than you and you end
up cancelling a couple of dates, but give him
a chance. This man treats you better than you
thought you could be treated.

Dear 29 year old Alex

Here comes the bride! You have a beautiful ceremony,
a beautiful dress, and a blast at the reception.
You have a wonderfull husband who worships the
ground you walk on, I told you there was a reason
for dating all those assholes....

Dear 31 year old Alex

Don't stress too much about being in your 30's.
Keep working
hard in the gym and take care of yourself.
You love your new job, new friends, and you're in
a happy marriage.


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