Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Night Bar-b-que

I just finished eating some delicious pork ribs and bacon wrapped shrimp jalapeno poppers, sooooo yummy. Dustin has been doing all the cooking since I still can't really use my left arm, which completely sucks (not being able to use my arm not Dustin's cooking). I'm sick and tired of this stupid sling. But Dustin is a great cook and everything he makes is delish. We are going to stay in tonight and watch the Spurs hopefully kick the Mavs pony ass. Spurs did a great job the last game stopping Dirk and the D-bags. To my 3 favorites, Duncan, Tony, and Manu balls to the walls and kick some Maverick ASS!!!!


  1. That food was good, best pepper poppers ever!!! So was the pork ribs very tasty, I need to be the first pic on your page not pat love u babe!!!

  2. I had to post under u since i dont have a thingy to post with!!


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